Harassment and Sexual Harassment Investigations Courses

Harassment and sexual harassment investigations

Conducting harassment and sexual harassment investigations can be extremely difficult. Corroboration, credibility, disruption and workplace culture are just a few of the factors that workplace investigators have to consider as they plan and execute their investigations. The evidence gathering process can be sensitive and difficult. It has to be scrupulously fair and thorough.

If the investigators get it wrong, the consequences can be very serious. Increasingly, the quality of workplace investigations are subject to scrutiny by the Courts, tribunals, adjudicators and potentially by the media.

Let us help you ensure that your harassment and sexual harassment investigations can withstand any such scrutiny.

We have created customized courses for private and public sector agencies that are a great refresher for experienced Human Resources and internal workplace investigators, as well as a comprehensive grounding in good investigative practice for the less seasoned. They focus on the practical – using real life examples to deal with the nitty-gritty of investigating in the workplace, along with the lessons learned from recent Court and tribunal decisions from across Canada.

The courses are also great for those who supervise or otherwise have an interest in harassment and sexual harassment investigations done by others. We have had managers, in-house counsel, association and union reps attend our sessions, to find out how an investigation should be done.

The courses include a bespoke scenario, tailored to the type of workplace investigations the client does, that is used for exercises throughout the course.

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Investigations Training Suite

Check out our suite of investigations courses, all of which are directly relevant to anyone who is involved in workplace investigations of any kind, including those involving harassment or sexual harassment issues. Hundreds of HR professionals have attended these courses and, as you can see from the testimonials, found them really valuable.

They include the upcoming How To Investigate: The Fundamentals of Effective Fact Finding course being held across Canada in the winter and spring of 2018

The courses use real life examples, with targeted case studies and recent Court / tribunal cases.

A great refresher for those already involved in investigations, as well as a comprehensive introduction into the world of investigations to those with little or no prior experience. The course will give anyone the confidence and capabilities necessary to conduct, monitor or supervise a workplace investigation, including harassment and sexual harassment investigations.

The course includes discussions on the importance of ethics in planning and conducting investigations.

The courses are accredited by many Human Resources Professional Associations and Law Societies across Canada


Excellent presenter. Relevant, current examples / court cases. Practical advice. Intelligent information. Great of humour
Human Resource Advisor, Trent Hills Family Health Team

The area of interview questions was particularly useful
Director of Human Resources, Municipality of North Cowichan

Great case study
Human Resources Manager, Molson Coors

Great additional knowledge for my job
HR Advisor, Glencore

All material was useful. Facilitator was engaging and kept participants involved
-Senior HR Advisor, Golder Associates

Well planned and delivered. (The instructor) is excellent
Human Resources, Revera Inc.

Exceptional, informative session that has improved my work methods significantly
-Occupational Health and Safety, Government of Alberta

Great content and delivery
HR Advisor, Holcim Canada

Great course. The instructor passionately shared his knowledge and experience
so helpful
Vice President, Collins Barrow Consultants

Useful looking forward to sharing with my team
National Health and Safety Director, GFL Environmental

Very informative and interesting
Team Leader,Human Resources – RCMP

Very good. Enjoyed the incorporation of the videos
Very insightful and useful information. Enjoyed the hands on perspective
Human Resources Consultant, Labour Relations – Prairie North Health Region

I really enjoyed how down to earth (the instructor) was it made it easy to learn and absorb the information!  The presentation handouts have been an excellent resource and I highly recommend any of Gareths workshops.
-Workplace Investigator, Kamloops BC

Great course I enjoyed the instructors real life experience
-Violence and Risk Management Office  – Ryerson University

Excellent programme!
-Staff Officer Grievances, Power Workers Union 

Great overview of basic principles
-Program Director, Violence and Risk Management, Ryerson University

An excellent and informative session
Director Western Region Human Resources, DND/CF Health Services

I really liked the investigative planning part, the exercise and the material
Human Resources Manager, Eastern Ontario Regional Laboratory Association

Very good course. Mr. Jones was excellent in maintaining my interest. His stories were interesting and useful.
Senior Labour Relations Advisor: Passport Canada

Excellent facilitation high energy and video clips kept engagement and interest
Human Resources Manager, Epcor Utilities Inc

Great materials
Human Resources Supervisor, Glencore, Kidd Operations


The course is delivered by either Gareth Jones, a former Director of major investigations at the Department of National Defense Ombudsman’s office or Ian Scott, investigative counsel for the Justice of the Peace Review Council and Ontario Judicial Council.

Gareth Jones has over 30 years of investigative experience. Gareth, a former police officer with the Metropolitan Police, London, UK, has created and delivered investigative training to government, regulatory, human resources, human rights, police and private sector agencies around the world, including UN organizations. The course is based on the highly successful investigative methodology set out in his acclaimed book Conducting Administrative, Oversight and Ombudsman Investigations (see reviews of the book: United States National Association of Civilian Oversight of Law Enforcement book review and British and Irish Ombudsman Association book review

 Ian Scott is a former Crown Attorney and currently an adjunct professor at Western Law School. He is also investigative counsel for the Justice of the Peace Review Council and the Ontario Judicial Council

Ian joined the Criminal Law Division of the Ministry of the Attorney General in 1985.  He has held numerous positions in that Division, including Chief Counsel – Justice Prosecutions, General Counsel, appellate counsel and head of the office’s criminal trials unit. He has also spent time in private practice.  He is a  former Director of Ontario’s Special Investigations Unit,

He is the editor of Issues in Civilian Oversight of Policing in Canada,published by Canada Law Book in 2014. As well, he is the author of the Police Services Act of Ontario:  an Annotated Guide (3 ed), and the co-author of Salhany’s Police Manual of Arrest, Seizure & Interrogation (10th ed).  An eleventh edition will be published later this year.

He is a member of the Ontario Review Board.

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Their general approach to conducting workplace investigations is set out in the article at the below, published in Canadian HR Reporter. It is an approach that can adapted to meet your needs.


Read Gareth’s article in the Canadian HR Reporter!